Social Media and Heavy Cross Examination from PMT Attorneys, Ernest Bernabei assisted by Lisa Grandner, Deliver Construction Client Defense Verdict.

Social Media and Heavy Cross Examination

Ernest Bernabei, assisted by Lisa Grandner, obtained a defense verdict before a jury in Atlantic County, New Jersey on January 31, 2018. A substantial amount of time and effort was expended in dealing with serious evidentiary issues arising from the Plaintiff’s conduct at trial. The Plaintiff had a 2.5 million dollar settlement demand and alleged permanent injuries arising from debris striking her vehicle at a construction site controlled by the defendant construction company. Mr. Bernabei was able to use information obtained through social media posts to successfully cross examine the plaintiff and prevent any jury sympathy. Heavy cross examination of plaintiff’s medical and liability experts using past medical records and accident scene photos was also very effective. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant within 15 minutes.