Jacob Levi and Mehdi Salimi v. Lois Sazer

Lawrence J Buchman - Partner

Lawrence J. Buchman
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Venue: Supreme Court, Nassau County

This case involved a damages trial only. There were two plaintiffs Levi & Salimi Mehdi Salimi, who alleged the following injuries: (a) bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome; (b) C3-C4 herniation with impingement and spondylosis; (c) C5-C6 herniation impinging on cervical cord.

Jacob Levi, alleged the following injuries: (a) impingement syndrome of left shoulder with intra-articular tearing of subscapularis tendon and full thickness tear of rotator cuff requiring surgery consisting of arthroscopy, synovectomy, decompression, partial distal claviculectomy, intra-articular debridement of subscapularis tendon tearing and rotator cuff repair; (b) herniations at C3 through C7; (c) L3-L4 herniation with impingement on L4 nerve root, and (9) possible future back surgery.

There was an initial demand of $250,000 and “final” demand of $50,000 for Salimi and an initial demand of $500,000 and “final” demand of $125,000 for Levi. This case settled after initial jury instructions but before openings. Levi settled for $60,000 and Salim for $20,000.

PMT Attorney: Lawrence J. Buchman
Court: Supreme Court, Nassau County
Case Type: Auto
Caption: Jacob Levi and Mehdi Salimi v. Lois Sazer
Index No.: 601154/2012