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24 out of 25 Cases Settled at Mediation Days
While some things in the Insurance industry slowed down during the pandemic, here at PMT we were racing ahead working on a challenge by one ... READ MORE NEWS
Look what I found: liability shield snuck into New York state budget for hospitals and nursing homes for COVID-19 Look What We Found: Liability Shield Added Into New York State Budget for Hospitals and Nursing Homes for COVID-19 Although every industry wants immunity from liability, the hospital and nursing home industry got just that in the latest... READ MORE NEWS MT Law Firm - Philadelphia - Liberty PMT Delivers a Win – Exaggerated Claims Doom Plaintiff's Case Many people are prone to exaggeration and that also includes plaintiffs at trial. Contrary to some opinions, jurors are skeptical and they really  do evaluate and weigh the claims that are given to them... READ MORE NEWS PMT Law Firm - Philadelphia - BlueCover NY Governor Suspends Statute of Limitations Update: NY Governor Suspends Statute of Limitations While all regions of New York State are in different phases of the re-opening process, as new COVID-19 cases largely remain at their lowest levels in New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to take a more cautious approach to re-opening ... READ MORE NEWS PMT Delivers a Win – Forcing Plaintiff to Prove Her Case Results in Dismissal of Case As everyone is reminded during jury selection, there is a difference between making a claim and proving a claim. At PMT, we pride ourselves in every case we defend on putting the plaintiff to their proof and ... READ MORE NEWS Expert Witness Disclosure Case by Case: Expert Witness Disclosure of Peer Review Doctor Can Be Made at The Last Minute Many kinds of lawsuits require, or at least employ, expert witnesses on a wide variety of topics, and indeed it seems that for every topic there is an expert somewhere who is willing to testify ... READ MORE NEWS COVID-19 Litigation Concerns Resulting from Businesses Reopening As states begin to reopen, some businesses are choosing to delay opening their doors. Business owners are considering the risk of a wave of lawsuits that may be filed as a result of deciding... READ MORE NEWS Supreme Court Extends Civil Rights Protections to LGBTQ Workers in Landmark Decision On June 15, 2020, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark decision extending civil rights protections to LGBTQ individuals... READ MORE NEWS
COVID-19 Resource Center Button A Highly-Experienced Insurance Defense Litigation Firm illinger Miller Tarallo Logo - Tight White PMT - A Feature in Excellence Attorney Spotlight Jeffrey T. Miller Jeffrey is one of our founding members, a senior partner of the firm and also oversees the litigation department. He has been a practicing attorney for over... READ MORE Jeffrey T. Miller - Executive Partner