Sausa v. Zimmerman

Lawrence J Buchman - Partner

Lawrence J. Buchman
PMT Associate
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Venue: Supreme Court, Queens County

In this trial, liability was conceded, and it was a damages-only trial. Plaintiff alleged causally torn rotator cuff with surgery with injuries to the mouth and $8,000 in unpaid dental bills. Defendant’s alleged pre-existing and degenerative injury to the shoulder and conceded the dental bills. Plaintiff claimed special damages in the amount of $67,500 and lost wages in the amount of $20,000.

In an exhaustive pre-trial/jury selection social media investigation, we uncovered photos online which contradicted the plaintiff’s deposition testimony as well as trial testimony. Plaintiff’s credibility was harmed due to cross examination and online photos.

In a high/low of $12,000/$100,000, the jury awarded only the $8,000 in dental bills and the plaintiff received the low $12,000.

PMT Attorney: Lawrence J. Buchman
Court: Supreme Court, Queens County
Judge: Martin Ritholtz
Case Type: Auto
Caption: Peggy Sausa v. Scott Zimmerman and Felipe Amador
Index No.: 702338/2013