Tamara Khaimova v. Nancy Quansah

Kimberly A Carulli - PMT Assocaite

Kimberly A. Carulli
PMT Associate
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Venue: Supreme Court, Queens County

Our client rear ended Plaintiff’s vehicle. Evidence supported the conclusion that Plaintiff lost control of her vehicle as it was snowing, and her vehicle was caused to slide backwards into our client’s car.

Plaintiff claimed upper and lower back injuries and right shoulder injuries in terms of disc bulges and herniations and a tear in her a tendon of her right shoulder. There were no fractures, no injections and no surgery.

The jury awarded a defense verdict in our client’s favor. All 6/6 jurors decided our client was not negligent for this accident.

PMT Attorney: Kimberly A. Carulli
Court: Civil Court, Queens County
Judge: Howard Lane
Case Type: Auto
Caption: Tamara Khaimova v. Nancy Quansah
Index No.: 702263/2014