Claims Professionals Are Talking about PMT’s Numbers Roundtable

Claims Professionals Are Talking about PMT’s Numbers Roundtable
By Thomas M. Bona.

At Pillinger Miller Tarallo, LLP, clients benefit from the PMT Advantage through a process known as the Numbers Roundtable. In this process, your assigned attorney presents a comprehensive synopsis of your case to six seasoned senior partners, each boasting 20 to 30 years of experience. Through rigorous examination of all aspects of the case, including venue, liability, injuries, medical records, pleadings, the assigned judge, and plaintiff counsel, among other factors, the Numbers Roundtable ensures the elimination of subjective biases. As a result, our clients can rely on the Numbers Roundtable to provide an acceptable range for verdict value and settlement value.

The PMT Numbers Roundtable has earned high regard and clients have expressed it is a “thoughtful approach to producing Verdict/Settlement values.” Our clients also affirm its proven accuracy and the pivotal role it plays, “Our Claims Department relies on the Numbers Roundtable because it has proven to be accurate.” While other clients comment, “the Numbers Roundtable simply makes perfect sense.” The Numbers Roundtable presents a solution that is not only logical but also highly effective, making it an excellent choice for our clients.

PMT Executive Partner Jeff Miller asserts that plaintiffs often dismiss settlements based on our Numbers Roundtable values, only to obtain a lower monetary damages verdict from a jury. The PMT Numbers Roundtable exhibits exceptional accuracy, achieving the correct verdict and settlement values in over 98% of cases.

Respected throughout the insurance industry, the PMT Numbers Roundtable is widely acknowledged for its exceptional standards. Insurance carriers often request its expertise to obtain a second opinion on their assigned cases, highlighting its credibility and reliability. When facing critical early evaluations, carriers frequently turn to PMT’s Numbers Roundtable to accurately assess their level of risk. The outcomes of our Numbers Roundtable play a pivotal role in setting parameters for high/low arbitrations and agreements at trial.

Discover how the PMT Numbers Roundtable can effectively guide your cases towards a successful resolution.

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