Jeffrey Miller appears on “Today’s Verdict: Resolving Cases During the Pandemic”

Jeffrey Miller appeared on Today’s Verdict, discussing the “6 Things You Must Know – Resolving Cases During the Pandemic”.

During the pandemic, courts have been closed or operating at significantly reduced capacity. This is creating a looming crisis of congested court dockets and backlogs of epic proportions. Pillinger Miller Tarallo has attacked the problem with no relief in sight and found ways to settle cases for our clients in these unique times. This allows our insurance carriers to clear their pending cases, remove
reserve money and save legal and adjusting costs.

Jeff Miller is one of PMT’s Executive Partners, has settled thousands of cases, and is renowned as a master at paying claims. He shares 6 Things You Must Know About Settling Cases During the Pandemic.

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PMT 6 Things to Know - Resolving Cases During a Pandemic