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Oppressive Insurance Disclosure Bill Sent to the NY Governor for Action

By Marc H. Pillinger, Neil L. Sambursky, and Thomas M. Bona.

Last month at our Pillinger Miller Tarallo and St. Johns Greenberg School of Risk Management conference series webinar, we discussed judicial and legislative trends which could adversely impact the insurance industry (Click Here to Watch Video). In part, we discussed a bill which had been passed by both houses of the New York State legislature called the Comprehensive Insurance Disclosure Act, which would radically change what insurance information defendants, their attorneys, and insurance carriers would have to disclose when a case is in suit. That bill has now been sent to Governor Hochul’s office for action. The Governor has until December 31 to act.

Because of the drastic nature of this bill and the extreme adverse consequences we believe it would have on our industry, organizations such as CLM, DANY, and New York State Bar Association should be concerned. We have included a link here so that you may contact Governor Hochul’s office ( and copy to express your disagreement with the bill and request that the bill be vetoed.

Should you have any questions, please call our office at (914) 703-6300 or contact:

Marc H. Pillinger, Executive Partner

Jeffrey T. Miller, Executive Partner