PMT Always on Your Side – PMT Trial Attorneys Are Ready

PMT Always on Your Side - PMT Trial Attorneys Are ReadyBy Thomas M. Bona.

In our world of insurance work, we are all aware that above 90% of cases settle before trial. The reasons for this are simple and obvious: parties to a lawsuit, especially where insurance is involved, want to avoid the unknown and sometimes shocking verdicts that juries can render. And yet we all know that sometimes a case just cannot be settled and must be tried. Insurance companies, self-insureds, and clients all want to see if you have the experience to take a tough case to a jury verdict.

Many people can try cases, but there is a vast difference between trying a case and winning a case. Winning a case requires special skills such as creativity and confidence. To successfully represent the client’s best interests, it is necessary to see all the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence in the case. Then, develop a big picture so that a compelling story can be told to the jury. Jurors expect to hear a client’s side of the case, and the top trial attorneys can craft an explanation or a reason why your client is not responsible.

What makes our PMT trial attorneys so effective is it they search for and find that creative story and then confidently present it to the jury. At PMT, our highly experienced team of trial attorneys is prepared to win your case because our PMT trial team is battle tough and trial-ready.

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(Last updated on 05/18/21)


PMT Trial Team

Ernest J. Bernabei III - PMT Partner

Ernest J. Bernabei III


Lawrence J Buchman - Partner

Lawrence J. Buchman

Jeffery D. Schulman - Executive Partner

Jeffrey D. Schulman

Executive Partner

Richard J Freire - Partner

Richard J. Freire

Kenneth A. Krajewski - Partner

Kenneth A. Krajewski

Shawn M Weakland - Partner

Shawn M. Weakland

John J Tambascia - Associate

John J. Tambascia


Kevin W Connolly - PMT Attorney

Kevin W. Connolly

Emeka Nwokoro - PMT Associate

Emeka Nwokoro


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