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By John A. Risi and Peter M. Dunne.

An area of PMT’s practice that greatly assists our clients and seemingly under the radar is our Litigation Monitoring Group. Our Litigation Monitoring Group conducts oversight of general liability, insurance coverage, automobile, casualty construction-related, and catastrophic accident claims across the nation. Although some may question why a client would need more lawyers, insurers and large companies are interested in exercising more control over active litigation and they often lack the personnel and expertise to accomplish that goal. Monitoring litigation matters over multiple jurisdictions is wholly distinct from defending cases in a limited geographic location.

The focus of the Litigation Monitoring Group is to work hand-in-hand with its clients to provide cost-effective oversight, analysis, and guidance to both our clients and local counsel, rather than merely duplicating the work of local counsel. Pillinger Miller Tarallo advises our clients of claims which are of most significant interest to them. By independently evaluating claims, PMT will help you determine which cases require heightened care, scrutiny, and provide a practical exposure analysis. We will review useful strategies to defend and resolve the claims while controlling your defense costs.

And as we have returned value to our clients, more have come on board to seek the Litigation Monitoring Group’s expertise in this arena. Our clients include large insurers, the nation’s largest office solutions business, and publishers Bertelsmann and Penguin-Random House. Please contact us if you want to learn more about effectively managing pending claims, whether nationally, within a specific geographic region, or based upon the particular category of claims. Results and value with swift, cost-effective resolution of cases is what PMT is all about. PMT stands ready to partner with you.

Should you have any questions, please call our office at (914) 703-6300 or contact:

Peter M. Dunne, Partner

John A. Risi, Partner

Jeffrey T. Miller, Executive Partner