PMT Quick Exits: Results and Value with Swift Resolution

PMT Quick Exits: Results and Value with Swift Resolution
By Thomas M. Bona and Youngmin O. Campbell.

PMT is the go-to firm in insurance matters because we know how to get quick results. A recent case that we quickly resolved, which was in a very unfavorable position for our insurance company when we received the assignment, demonstrates this.

In Su v. Gold City Supermarket Inc., the plaintiff claimed they slipped and fell at the insured’s grocery store. As a result, the plaintiff, a 58-year-old female, underwent open reduction internal fixation of her left knee/patella and arthroscopic surgery to repair a tear in her left knee.

PMT received this file in June 2022 with a pending default motion against our client. We immediately reached out to the plaintiff’s counsel to get an extension of time to allow us time to file an Answer and put in opposition to the plaintiff’s Default Motion.

Despite executing a stipulation adjourning the pending default motion and extending our time to file an Answer and opposition, the plaintiff’s counsel rejected our Answer, and our office went into action to avoid having a default judgment entered.

At the first default hearing/conference, we argued that there was an excusable delay in filing an Answer, a meritorious defense to the plaintiff’s claims and that the case should be decided on its merits. The court, however, felt that the delay was not excusable and informed our office that the Default would likely be granted in favor of the plaintiff if this case could not be resolved.

We were able to get an adjournment of the default hearing on three separate occasions so that our office could evaluate damages and resolve the matter before the Default was entered.

Our office quickly settled this matter through effective teamwork with our insurance carrier, avoiding a default, legal costs, and potentially much greater damages at an inquest.

PMT provides Results and value with cost-effective resolution. Let us show you how PMT can do that for you.

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