The PMT Numbers Roundtable – The Global Positioning System for Claims

The PMT Numbers Roundtable - The Global Positioning System for Claims

By Thomas M. Bona.

By now, all of us are very familiar with our car’s global positioning system or GPS. It tells us the best route and shows us where traffic, accidents, or even maybe a police speed trap is lurking. While it is easy to think that all claims are the same, the truth is that every claim is unique and has a life of its own with twists and turns which can arise at any point.

We have shared how the PMT Numbers Roundtable is your assurance of the correct settlement and verdict value. Having six to eight senior PMT partners with 200+ years of combined experience give each claim a GPS-like scan, enabling us to eliminate subjectivity and provide a claim’s absolute value. PMT Numbers Roundtable’s accuracy provides our clients with reliable, actionable settlement and verdict values.

The PMT Numbers Roundtable does more than find a case’s actual settlement and verdict value. The PMT Numbers Roundtable is truly a global navigation system for claims. When you assemble six to eight senior partners with 200+ years of experience, you get a laser scan of the claim, and every part of the claim journey is analyzed, reviewed, and factored in our roundtable discussions. We examine each case top to bottom with a fine-tooth comb, and ideas and strategies are shared, developed, and considered. The investigation, medical records, and pleadings are all reviewed to confirm that we are focused on leading our client on the journey that uses the correct method and approach to the quickest resolution of the case.

This Numbers Roundtable also helps eliminate one of the nightmare scenarios for every insurance adjuster: sending a new case to counsel to defend, which somehow falls into a black hole and not receiving reports for an extended time. Our Numbers Roundtable keeps the adjuster involved in any discussion about strategy or value. PMT’s Numbers Roundtable helps eliminate reporting concerns. Every case we defend is required to be reviewed by our PMT Numbers Roundtable multiple times during the life of the case, and the senior partners give each time the same rigorous scrutiny. Our hands-on approach assures an adjuster that an accurate strategy and road map leads to the ultimate destination of resolving the case.

Let us show you how the PMT Numbers Roundtable can help navigate your cases to a successful resolution.

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