The PMT Advantage – Achieving the Best Possible Results for Clients

Achieving the Best Possible Results for Clients
By Richard J. Freire.

At PMT, we don’t believe in waiting and hoping for the best possible result for our clients. We make it happen.

Commercial buildings in New York City can sometimes have ownership structures and location identifiers that can confuse some Plaintiffs and their attorneys. At PMT, we always look to develop evidence that will allow us to get our client dismissed from the case at the earliest point possible. We won’t stand for our clients being forced to trudge through unnecessary months or years of costly litigation and protracted discovery proceedings if there’s any chance we can get them out of a case early on. At PMT, we take the bull by the horns to save our clients unnecessary time and expense.

A couple of recent cases demonstrate our success in obtaining a quick exit from litigation for our clients who aren’t liable for a Plaintiff’s accident:

In Miller v. SLG 711 Fee LLC, et al., Plaintiff alleged that he was permanently unable to return to work following an accident at what Plaintiff alleged was a construction site accident in a commercial building in New York City. A witness to Plaintiff’s accident gave the address of our clients’ commercial building as the location of Plaintiff’s accident. Our clients insisted there was no work being done at its premises. We didn’t want to wait for months of document discovery exchanges and costly depositions. We wanted to get our clients out of the case as soon as possible. We obtained a voluntary discontinuance of the action against our clients without them having to endure the inconvenience and expense of any discovery proceedings by doing the leg work to find the documentation that proved that the Plaintiff’s witness had made a mistake concerning the location of the Plaintiff’s accident and that the accident had occurred at a different building that had a similar address. Our clients were grateful and appreciative that PMT could get them out of the case right away. Plaintiff’s counsel was also grateful, as he could pursue his client’s claim for career-ending injuries against the appropriate parties.

In Mosso-Gonzalez v. The City of New York, et al., Plaintiff, a Manhattan bike messenger, claimed that he sustained severe injuries when he fell due to a defect in the roadway. Plaintiff alleged that the accident occurred adjacent to our client’s commercial building and that the defect resulted from faulty work done by our client or a contractor they hired. Before a single deposition was taken, we developed visual and documentary evidence that proved that the Plaintiff’s accident did not occur adjacent to our client’s building and that our client was not otherwise liable. As a result, Plaintiff discontinued his claims against our client.

The PMT Advantage is that we always put our clients’ best interests first because we are their trusted advisors. Let us show you how we can do that for you.

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